WiFi Refresh 2016


Technology Services at Illinois is excited to announce that we are signficiantly upgrading our WiFi solution across all of campus. We plan to replace every wireless access point on campus with new hardware from a new vendor by the start of the Fall 2016 semester. All campus buildings that have WiFi will be part of this mass refresh. As a result of this change, customers can expect improved reliability and stability of the wireless network.

In order to minimize disruptions, most of this work will be done after the Spring 2016 semester is over. However, some work will be completed before the end of the Spring 2016 semester. Specific schedling information will be coordinated with building managers and local IT professionals. If you would like to know more about your building's scheduled refresh, or to coordinate a preferred time, please email wifirefresh@illinois.edu

While the WiFi Refresh effort will bring the University of Illinois the latest WiFi hardware, this change will not affect the settings needed to connect to IllinoisNet. This refresh also will not affect the schedule of the campus Wireless Expansion and Upgrade Project.

June 30 Update

Technology Services is pleased to announce that we are ahead of our original refresh schedule. To date, 6,500 new access points have been installed. We still have 2,740 old access points to refresh. But in our original planning, we expected to have 3,900 old access points left on July 1. This means that we are over 1,000 access points ahead of schedule.