Centrex Retiring Soon

Centrex, a campus communications service provided by AT&T, will be retired within the next fiscal year. AT&T is officially ending the service. The last day to request a Centrex line is Friday, July 24.

Some departments, faculty, and staff still use Centrex lines for main department numbers, general area phones, fax machines, and personal numbers. These lines will need to be migrated over to Lync, RightFax, or cellular or a network/WiFi solution.  

Any lines that are no longer needed or are not migrated over to another service will be disconnected.

Technology Services has created a retirement plan for the campus that will either migrate or disconnect all existing Centrex lines by August 30, 2016. The retirement plan divides the campus into seven waves, each wave lasting approximately seven weeks. The first wave starts August 4.

Please follow this link to view what Pinnacle Department Managers can expect and see the wave plan. The wave plan is located at the very bottom of the linked article.

At the beginning of each wave, Technology Services will provide a survey to the department Pinnacle Department Managers. The survey will be used to understand how the Centrex lines are being used.

Pinnacle Department Managers will have two weeks to complete the survey.

Once the survey is returned to Technology Services, recommendations for replacement services will be provided, along with information on how to proceed with the migration of these services.

If surveys are not returned on or before the provided date for each wave, all Centrex lines will be disconnected.  We will not be able to put them back into service.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the Technology Services Help Desk at 217.244.7000 or email consult@illinois.edu.