New Password System: One ID and Easy Resets

Say goodbye to having multiple IDs and multiple passwords at the University of Illinois.

Go ahead and forget the answers to your U of I security questions.

Changes to our password management system have combined the NetID and EnterpriseID into one NetID -- which means you will only have to remember one password at the University of Illinois. And should you forget your one password, the new password recovery options make it quick and easy to set a new password.

The new password system is available at

Benefits of the new password system

• When you use the Change Password option for the first time, your NetID and EnterpriseID will be synced as one. You will be able to use the same password to log into everything. You can log in with your current NetID password to sync your IDs. Visit our knowledge base for more information about changing your password. 

• Instead of having to remember security questions, you can now set password recovery options if you ever forget your password. This means that whenever you forget your password, you can have a password reset code sent to either a secondary email address, a text message to your phone, or a voice message to your phone. Simply enter that code into the password manager and you can set a new password. Visit our knowledge base for more information about setting your password recovery options.

Important Extras

• Remember that when you change your password, you may also need to update your password on your laptop, tablet, or phone. In addition, faculty and staff should restart their University computer after changing their password to make sure that Outlook, access to network drives, and other services properly update. 

• If you opt out of providing password recovery options, you will have to visit the Technology Services Help Desk in person if you ever forget your password.

• The new password system will not allow you to reuse a password that you have previously used in the last three years.