UIUCnet and UIPublicWiFi retiring

On January 4, 2016 the UIUCnet and UIPublicWifi networks will be retired. These two networks are being removed to help reduce confusion about which WiFi network students, faculty, and staff should use when on campus.

After January 4, 2016, students, faculty, and staff who need to use WiFi on campus should use IllinoisNet.

Students, faculty, and staff may also use IllinoisNet_Start for temporary, quick WiFi access, but anyone using IllinoisNet_Start will be connected outside of the campus firewalls, and therefore, they may have to use the VPN service in order to reach certain campus online resources or websites.

Visitors to campus who have eduroam credentials can use the eduroam network to connect to the campus WiFi. Visitors to campus who do not have eduroam credentials can use IllinoisNet_Start to gain temporary WiFi access on campus.

Currently, only 1,500 people on average simultaneously connect to UIUCnet at peak usage compared to 32,000 devices simultaneously connecting to IllinoisNet during peak usage.

If you have any questions about the retirement of these two WiFi networks, please contact the Technology Services Help Desk by email (consult@illinois.edu) or by phone (217-244-7000).