Cell on Wheels Keeps Football Fans Connected

On Saturday, September 3rd, at Memorial Stadium, Lovie Smith will coach his first Illini football game.

Over 60,000 fans, awash in orange and blue, will witness history being made. But unlike the players, fans can’t keep their eyes on the ball every minute. They’ll check their email, post selfies on Facebook, and send a few Snaps out into the world to commemorate their experience.

How much cellular data do 60,000+ fans download at an Illini football game? The answer is: a lot. Thankfully, the Cell on Wheels project is rolling back into town to make all of these connections possible.

Cell on Wheels, or COW, is a mobile cellular tower on the back of a flatbed semi-truck. Crafted out of humble materials, COW exists for a noble purpose: to move around between locations that need help supporting extra downloads.

“When you have 60k people in one area, the existing cellular towers can't support that,” explains Uros Marjanovic, a Network Services Engineer with Technology Services. “You basically have all those users hitting one antenna. So a COW helps with its coverage and capacity.”

COW is on its third year helping Illini football fans enjoy improved AT&T cellular coverage. Rest easy knowing that, whether your Snaps are celebratory or filled with tears, COW has you covered.