Up Engagement with Kaltura in Compass 2g

Video killed the radio star.  But thanks to Kaltura, video wants to play nice with Compass 2g.

You can directly embed Kaltura videos into your Compass 2g course. And you won’t have to leave Compass 2g to do it.

Kaltura is the tool that lets Illinois faculty, students, and staff host videos on Illinois Media Space.

Illinois Media Space is a public/private portal.

Public content can be viewed by anyone and is organized into galleries. Channels are restricted to customers with a valid NetID and can be viewed by logging in. Channels can be further restricted to an individual or a group of NetIDs, such as a class or project team.

The same interface used in Illinois Media Space is presented inside Compass 2g, with faculty and students directly accessing the Kaltura platform.

Inside Compass 2g, all content is restricted to the students and staff in the course, so no additional setup for access is required. Media can be presented to students in a gallery or within a page to provide additional context. 

And students can create media as well. Both Kaltura in Media Space and Compass 2g let students upload and present rich media presentations and homework.

Flipping for Video

Classes in Math, Business, Chemistry, Statistics, and Theater have heavily used Kaltura in the past academic year. These courses make up the top 30 most viewed videos for Fall 2015, clocking in at a combined 133,294 minutes or 2,221 hours.

Up your students’ viewing hours by using Kaltura to pull your videos from Illinois Media Space directly into your Compass 2g course.

Learn how to use Kaltura in Compass 2g here.

Contact the Help Desk at 217.244.7000 or email consult@illinois.edu with questions.