Microsoft Ends Support for Older Internet Explorer

Microsoft has announced that on January 12, 2016 (next Tuesday) they will end support for older versions of Internet Explorer. This means that older versions of Internet Explorer will no longer receive security updates after January 12. The end of updates poses a significant security risk to anyone using the older versions of Internet Explorer.

For that reason, Technology Services recommends anyone running old versions of Internet Explorer to upgrade to Internet Explorer 11. 

Anyone running on Windows 10 can safely use the Edge browser instead of Internet Explorer. People still using Microsoft Vista as their operating system can only upgrade to Internet Explorer 9; however, Microsoft will continue to support IE9 on Vista.

Technology Services is analyzing campus data to determine how many people are using old versions of Internet Explorer. Service owners whose offerings rely on Internet Explorer should test their service’s functionalities using Internet Explorer 11. This data will inform future campus responses to Microsoft’s decision to end support.

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Microsoft’s announcement regarding the end of Internet Explorer support can be found at: