Password Reset Reminders

Originally posted on June 23, 2015. 
In response to the 2014 Heartbleed vulnerability, we required all NetID passwords to be reset around this time last year. That led to the bulk of our annual password reset notices being sent around the same time this year. This in turn has led to a noticeable increase in the number of calls and emails to the Technology Services Help Desk over the summer.
Currently, 55% of our requests for help are password related, compared to 30% in the first week of Fall 2014. The bulk of the people who are contacting us with password questions are doing so because their password has expired.
Technology Services urges you to take password reset notices seriously and set a new password when prompted. Please take action before your password expires. 
To give you a sense of the number of people that our Help Desk is assisting during this busy summer:
  • During the last four weeks of the Spring 2015 semester, the Technology Services Help Desk averaged 835 support requests per week. 
  • The first week of Fall 2014, the Help Desk handled 2,743 support requests. 
  • Last week (June 15, 2015), the Tech Services Help Desk had 1,740 support requests.
In order to avoid having to contact the Help Desk, we ask you to please reset your passwords when prompted via email instead of waiting until your password expires to take action.