New wireless networks: IllinoisNet_Start and IllinoisNet_Devices

In the summer of 2015, Technology Services deployed two new wireless networks to campus -- IllinoisNet_Start and IllinoisNet_Devices. Both of these networks are designed to make it easier to get connected to the campus wireless network.

In general, students, faculty, and staff should continue to use IllinoisNet for day to day wireless usage. But these new networks may be helpful if you're having problems connecting to IllinoisNet, if you're a visitor to campus, or if you are trying to connect a gaming console, streaming device or wearable technology.


IllinoisNet_Start has two purposes:

  1. Students, faculty, and staff can use IllinoisNet_Start to configure their laptops, tablets, and phones to connect to IllinoisNet. Once successfully completing the configuration process, students, faculty, and staff can connect directly to IllinoisNet and do not need to return to IllinoisNet_Start. If you already connect to IllinoisNet without any problems, then you do not need to use IllinoisNet_Start. Learn more about how to use IllinoisNet_Start to configure access to IllinoisNet.
  2. Visitors to campus who do not have campus login credentials can use IllinoisNet_Start to gain temporary access to the campus wireless network. Visitors will need to re-enter information on IllinoisNet_Start every 24 hours. 


IllinoisNet_Devices is a network specifically designed for certain devices that need wireless connectivity such as gaming consoles, streaming devices (Roku, Chromecasts, etc), and wearable technologies. After registering your device via IllinoisNet_Devices, you will be able to get connected to the campus wireless network.

Click here to get started with IllinoisNet_Devices.

Further Help

If you need help using IllinoisNet_Start or IllinoisNet_Devices, please contact the Technology Services Help Desk by phone (217-244-7000) or by email (