Inside HackIllinois Part II: Live

Sunday Morning(ish): 1:07AM

I decided to join my friend in hacking together his project, which means I'll be presenting at the closing ceremony this morning at 10:00AM (totally a reason you should come through and support me).  Insomnia cookies were served as a midnight snack, and people are starting to rush through the last portions of their hackillinois projects.  

Saturday Evening: 5:49PM

It's been a long several hours of hacking, and the nice weather has everyone in really high spirits.  Dinner is soon, and I've been seeing some really awesome things going on.  There were three different talks today by some really incredible speakers, and there's still a lot of time left in the event. 


Saturday Morning(ish): 4:58AM 

Sorry for the long-ish break guys, (for those of you who actually are following along at this time of night),  I went out to find someone to talk to about their project, and I spoke with one of my good friends Shank.



Friday Night: 10:52PM

Hacking has just started! The next several hours will be filled with teams hacking up their projects throughout the engineering quad, mainly in Siebel and the Electrical and Computer Engineering Building.  I'll be walking around and getting to know people and, if they're cool, I'll post a video of my conversation with them.  


Friday Night: 7:26PM

Kumaran here, present at this years HackIllinois.  It's started, and people are signing in right now.  I'll be updating this page throughout the night with live updates and random videos/pictures of my experience with HackIllinois.  The opening ceremony is going on right now in the Illini Union, and a career fair in the Siebel Center for Computer Science just ended.  Stay tuned for more updates throughout the night!  


This year, Technology Services will be liveblogging #HackIllinois.

Starting tomorrow, February 19, and ending on Sunday, Tech Services student employee and HackIllinois member Kumaran Chanthrakumar will take us through what it's like to experience this awesome event. Stay tuned for the inside scoop!