Access to Office 365 Expires With Your NetID

At the beginning of each semester, former employees and graduated or non-enrolled students will no longer have access to Office 365.

Your access to Office 365 is dependent on your NetID. To maintain the security of campus services, Technology Services deactivates the NetIDs of customers who no longer attend or work at Illinois. NetIDs are deactivated at the beginning of each semester. 

Customers with non-active accounts should plan to have their NetIDs deactivated within the first 10 days of the new term.

Once deactivated, customers will no longer be able to access data stored online in Office 365 OneDrive or use the Office software from Office 365 to edit or create documents.

Customers will only be able to use the Office 365 software to view previously created documents. 

Editing privileges will be restored if customers purchase a personal license. You should receive a prompt from Office software about opportunities to purchase a personal license.

What can you do? 

Save your data! Download your files to a flash drive or local machine.

For more information on deactivation and moving your data, click here:

If you want to continue using Office 365, you can purchase your personal license here: