Do Not Let Your Password Expire

Every NetID password at the University of Illinois expires annually. You will be locked out of your email, campus WiFi, and a variety of services if you do not set a new password before your old password expires. Make sure you take the necessary steps before your password expires.

What You Need to Do

Everyone's NetID password expires at a different time as opposed to having tens of thousands of passwords expire all at once across campus.

You will receive a series of warnings by email before your NetID is set to expire. Once you receive one of these notices, please visit and select Change Password to set a new NetID password before your password expires.

Password Recovery Options

The Password Management system at the University of Illinois allows you to set password recovery options so that you can quickly and easily reset your password on your own. You can choose to have a password reset code sent to your phone by text message or a voice message, or you can have the reset code sent to a non-University email address.

You can set your password recovery option by visiting

What To Do If Your Password Expires

If you allowed your password to expire, you can set a new password using your password recovery option. Visit and select "I forgot my password" to receive a password reset code.

If you allowed your password to expire, and you have not set a password recovery option, you will need to contact the Technology Services Help Desk in order for them to help you reset your password.

Further Assistance

Contact the Technology Services Help Desk at 217-244-7000 or if you need further assistance.