CaptureSpace Upgrade Makes Recording and Sharing Videos Easier

Technology Services is pleased to announce that we have upgraded the Kaltura CaptureSpace Lite desktop recording application to the full-featured CaptureSpace. This upgrade makes it even easier to create and share videos with Kaltura on

Kaltura is a media tool and platform that lets Illinois students, faculty, and staff create and host videos, and control who has access to the media. Click here to learn more about what it’s like to teach with Kaltura at Illinois.

The full version of CaptureSpace is the simplest, quickest way to create and upload video. You can record a video, add PowerPoint slides, perform small edits, and share it in just a few steps.

To learn more about CaptureSpace, click here:

To learn how to add PowerPoint slides to your video, click here:  Viewers can then search text on slides or use them to navigate through the video.

CaptureSpace is perfect for instructors who want to record and post a quick micro-lecture or for students to record and turn in a video assignment. CaptureSpace also adds new features for advanced uses such as the ability to include feeds from multiple cameras and allowing the viewer to control how to display these feeds.

To use CaptureSpace, download the application anywhere you access your Kaltura media, including,, and In any of these places, find CaptureSpace under the "Add New" menu.

To learn about Kaltura's integration with Illinois Compass, click here:

For questions, contact the Technology Services Help Desk at 217-244-7000 or email