Security Tools

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The University of Illinois recommends and provides a variety of tools to help protect you and your data.

Antivirus / Anti-malware Software

You should always have anti-malware software ready to go. We provide free antivirus software to anyone with a valid University NetID.

Find the antivirus and anti-malware software you need:

Password Manager

The password manager can help you remember and secure all of your passwords.

Learn more about password managers:

Laptop, Tablet, Phone Registration

The Computer Registration Tool lets you register your laptop, tablet, and phone with Security. If your registered technology is ever lost on campus, we can help you find it.

Register your devices:


The Virtual Private Network (VPN) securely connects to campus from anywhere in the world. VPN can protect your data even if you use public WiFi networks at coffee shops or airports.  

Start using VPN for Windows or Mac: