Access to Office 365 Expires With Your NetID

student working on computer next to a lamp

At the beginning of each semester, former employees and graduated or non-enrolled students will no longer have access to Office 365.

Your access to Office 365 is dependent on your NetID. To maintain the security of campus services, Technology Services deactivates the NetIDs of customers who no longer attend or work at Illinois. NetIDs are deactivated at the beginning of each semester. 

Customers with non-active accounts should plan to have their NetIDs deactivated within the first 10 days of the new term.

  Inside HackIllinois Part II: Live

Sunday Morning(ish): 1:07AM

I decided to join my friend in hacking together his project, which means I'll be presenting at the closing ceremony this morning at 10:00AM (totally a reason you should come through and support me).  Insomnia cookies were served as a midnight snack, and people are starting to rush through the last portions of their hackillinois projects.  

Saturday Evening: 5:49PM


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