Payroll Phishing Scam

The picture of a check

The Technology Services Privacy and Information Security team has identified a phishing email scam targeting University of Illinois employees. If you fall for this scam, you run the risk of having your banking information changed to reroute your paycheck to the scammers. Please do not log in to websites with your University of Illinois ID and password unless you are absolutely certain the website is affiliated with the University of Illinois.

  Exchange Email Updates

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Exchange, which is used for email and calendaring by faculty and staff, will undergo upgrades between November 3 and November 17.  These upgrades will improve performance and change how malicious email attachments are filtered. 

Customers using the Thunderbird mail client will need to make a setting change before November 17 to avoid receiving an error message after the upgrades are completed. The Outlook email client may prompt you to restart Outlook. All other mail clients are not expected to be affected by these changes.


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