Do You Know Your Data?

Think about the amount of data you have. Financial information, medical records, photos, music, movies, academic work...those are all basic, but what about the other data do you have that you probably don’t think about?

What you shop for, how much time you spend on a given website, your location, your inner-most thoughts and feelings that are now publicly shared on the web via social media. It can be quite scary to think about all of the information we share about ourselves, willingly or not.

  Don't Get Phished. Be Cyber Secure

Phishing Header Image

Phishing is one of the most common threats to Illinois. Numerous times a year cyber criminals attempt to gain secure information by trying to trick readers into providing private information such as names, passwords, bank account numbers, social security numbers, etc. Protect yourself by learning to identify and report phishing attempts.

Don't know what phishing is or how or where to report it? Visit the Tech Services Phishing webpage for additional information.

  August 23 phishing attack

Phishing attack



On August 23, a multi-staged phishing email attack hit the University of Illinois. The first wave of emails included a subject line that read "Payment has been made." People who opened the attachment with that email were infected with malware. That first piece of malware was designed to use the individual's email address book to send the second round of phishing emails.


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