Payroll Phishing Scam

A phishing email scam is targeting University of Illinois employees. If you received this message, please delete it immediately. Do not reply to it, and do not click on any links found in this email.

If you received this email, and you clicked on a link or provided information (like your NetID and password), please contact the Technology Services Help Desk (217-244-7000) immediately. 

  'Incredible Fusion': Physics and Art Combine in PHYS 498

A man demonstrates the tesla coil to music at the Engineering Open House 2016 Tesla Coil performance.

One of the things The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is known for is the incredible range of classes that, with a few exceptions, are open to every student to suit whatever interests they may have. Whether an arts, humanities, engineering, or science major, by the time a student graduates they will have multiple years of world-class courses backing them up in their given major.


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