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Technology Services Field Consulting, Field Consulting, IT Field Consulting, IT Soultion Services, Tech Services Solution Services, IT Field Services, Departmental Services, Departmental User Services, DUS, DS

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The Technology Services Field Consulting service provides computer and server administration, security assessment, and hardware configuration management and support. They also help develop disaster recovery protocols and solutions, and provide technology planning and equipment replacement cycle, including implementation and retirement timelines.


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Requests to schedule a Field Consulting needs assessment should be submitted via the webform at


The service is based upon a 100 hour is one unit support model, with units contracting for a number of units to be used throughout the year. A typical full-time engagement is 16 units (1600 hours) and half time is 8 units (800 hours); and the clients are billed out for the hours worked at $42.50 per hour. Keeping in mind they are only billed for the hours worked, even if it is less than the contracted hours.

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Sensitive data considerations

Departmental AD security Groups

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Standard service hours

Each Field Consulting enagagement has a different support model

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Each Field Consulting enagagement has a different support model

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8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday

How to report issues

Contact Assigned Consultant(s), Coordinator, or Field Consulting Manager