A person using Aira to connect with an agent

What is Aira?

Aira is an application that helps deliver visual information anytime, anywhere. The aim of Aira is to help people who are blind or low vision so they can fully engage and experience the world. 

All students, faculty, and staff have free 24/7 access to Aira while on the Illinois campus.

Where can I get Aira?

Download Aira from the Apple App or Google Play store.

How do I access Aira?

After starting the app, enter in your mobile phone number.

Main screen of the Aira App

You will need to turn on location services in order to use Aira. Aira uses your location to determine if you are on the Illinois campus.

Window asking to enable location services on phone

As long as you are on the Illinois campus, you'll be able to connect to an Aira agent for free.

Aira main application screen


Where do I get support for Aira?

If you are unable to download and install Aira or cannot connect with an Aira agent, contact Aira at 1-800-835-1934 or