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The Business IT Collaboration is a cross-campus initiative to harness technology solutions to streamline business processes, improve efficiencies, enhance productivity, and deliver data by leveraging local talent and applications. Now more than ever, our university needs to be focused on strategic planning in these areas.

About the Collaboration

  • Strategic development of common processes across the institution made possible by identification of shared priorities
  • Scaling and adoption of customized and customizable applications such as the Engineering suite throughout campus
  • New application development done in coordination with the campus community and targeted for maximum benefit 
  • Enhanced coordination and partnership with System Offices which reduces duplication and improves usability of enterprise solutions
  • Improved application development and user experience enabled by making information, data, and other content discoverable and shareable across platforms and disparate systems 
  • Business data are made more accessible and existing report formats are leveraged and shared widely, enhancing productivity and comparability
  • Duplication of effort is reduced at multiple levels
  • Campus IT talent is leveraged for maximum impact
  • Campus IT and business partnerships are fostered and enhanced to ensure future coordination in support of common goals/needs
  • Data
  • Facilities
  • Finance
  • Human Resources
  • Technology

Get Engaged!

Business IT Leadership is working to build a collaborative environment where business and IT professionals work together. Get engaged with Business IT via the methods below.

This space is designed to be a gathering point for cross-collaboration to learn, ask questions, think collectively, discuss topics of interest, and share information and best practices.

The Idea Intake Form is a simple one-question form to submit an idea you have to improve or enhance your daily work through technology.

A monthly newsletter and additional communications will be sent to those subscribed.

The video archive houses videos from our events, training sessions, and more.

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