2022 Business IT Annual Symposium

The Business IT Annual Symposium event is held every Fall and focuses on bridging the gap between business-related functions of the University and technological solutions that support them. Join us this October to contribute to the conversation.

Harnessing Innovation to Improve Business Operations

Participants engaged with colleagues from various functional areas (HR, finance, facilities, student services, IT) in discussion and ideation of a solution in one of three topic areas: achieving business process consistency, finding and utilizing data, or sharing best practices.

A guest judge panel selected winning proposals from each topic area. The selected proposals will be shared at the IT Professionals Forum later this Fall. Attendees were asked to vote for a People’s Choice Award proposal. That proposal will also be moved forward at the IT Professionals Forum

Event Slides

Symposium Video

View the video below or in Illinois Media Space with chapter markers for the kickoff, keynote, fireside chat, and presentation of willing proposals.


Discussion at the Annual Symposium led to fourteen proposals addressing identified opportunities for improved processes, data finding and usage, and sharing best practices. The proposals are detailed below. The proposals selected to move forward initially are identified in the Winning Proposals field below.

Event Photos