Frequently Asked Questions regarding commitments and the Commitments App

Permanent (Recurring) Budget Adjustments recur, impacting the available budget for both the current as well as succeeding fiscal years. Temporary (Nonrecurring) Budget Adjustments do not recur and only impact the available budget for the current fiscal year. 

Take caution when checking this box. When checked, the transfer is not processed in the transfer application and does not factor into the “Counts Against” calculation. Internal transfers might be used to record corrective entries so that transparency is maintained but the “counts against” fields are not overstated. 

Internal Verification is an optional level of approval that can be put in place before a transaction goes to the External Verification levelAdding this additional level is at the discretion of the department and the desired approval flow. 

  • To remove a fiscal year, the committed amount must be $0.00 
    • Click the committed amount of the FY to be deleted 
    • Edit the Amount to be $0.00 
    • Click Save 
    • Choose “Delete FY” from the Actions dropdown