Best Practices

  • Receivables should only be created for units not in the Commitments application or if the obligating unit does not intend to create a Commitment.
  • Commitments should only be made for obligations from your unit.
  • Status, Category, Keyword(s), Contacts, Description, Comments, Default Funding Source, etc
  • Use descriptive, meaningful sub-commitment titles.
  • Put attachments and comments that should be visible on the Receivables side in the public sections of sub-commitments.
  • Utilize the “Processed Transfers” report to check sub-commitment statuses. Once sub-commitment obligations have been fulfilled, change their statuses to “Complete.”
  • Once all sub-commitments of a commitment have been fulfilled, change its status to “Complete.”
  • For “Pending” commitments and sub-commitments, try to update them to “Active” once the obligation becomes firm–i.e., proposal matches are awarded, retentions are successful, etc.

Additional information about the Commitments Application is available by visiting these links