Commitments Application Video Tutorials

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The Commitments Application acts as a tracking mechanism for these obligations and, in tandem with the OVCRI Transfers Application, can also transfer funds to fulfill said obligations.

The videos below provide step-by-step instructions for working through a commitment from entering a commitment through processing the transfer.

The steps of identifying a commitment and completing a commitment occur outside of the Commitments Application.

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Commitments tool graphic showing steps of the process


Download a copy of the Sample Retention Letter used in the demo videos to follow along.

Enter a Commitment

Creating a Commitment

Setting up a Commitment

Creating a Sub-Commitment

Setting up a Sub-Commitment

Enter a Transfer

Initiate a Transfer

Record a One-Sided Transfer

Record an External Transfer

Process a Transfer

Internal Verification

External Verification

Budget Adjustment Batching

Batch Completion