Illinois Compass 2g Resources for Students

The following links provide more information on using Illinois Compass 2g (powered by Blackboard Learn).

Unable to find your course?

Technology Services staff are unable to directly add you to a course roster in Canvas or Compass. If you recently added a course, it may take some time for it to show up. For immediate access to course content, you will need to contact your instructor to manually add you to a roster.

Blackboard Student Help Guide

If you prefer text-based tutorials on topics including “Accessing Blackboard,” “Content problems,” and “Email and Notifications,” visit the Blackboard Help for Students page.

Video Tutorials from Blackboard

For a series of video tutorials on using Illinois Compass 2g, including topics such as “Working in your course,” ” Setting your preferences,” and “Staying organized and communicating,” visit the Blackboard OnDemand Learning Center for Students page.

Blackboard Tutorials on LinkedIn Learning

You may also find the Blackboard Learn tutorials at LinkedIn Learning useful. Log in to gain access to all the video tutorials available through LinkedIn Learning. Use “Blackboard” as your search term.