Improving Wireless

When the University of Illinois wireless network was originally designed and installed, the iPhone had not yet been invented and wireless was often viewed as a luxury for people with laptops.

Now, with online connectivity being woven into everything from smartphones, to tablets, to watches, to gaming consoles, a powerful and robust campus wifi network is no longer a luxury. Access to wireless is a necessity. Teaching, learning, and research on campus are being changed and influenced by the prevelance and use of wireless devices and resources.

To address the need for a robust wireless environment, various units across campus and Technology Services are working together on the Wireless Expansion and Upgrade Project. By the project's completition, it is estimated that 5,000 new wireless access points will be added to buildings across campus, expanding the coverage of the campus wireless network by six million square feet. 

Connect Illinois is a website created in part to help you follow the progress of the Wireless Expansion and Upgrade Project. On the site you can find building lists and a map of buildings that have either been successfully upgraded, are in the middle of their upgrade work, or are scheduled to begin work in the near future. There is also information about how to connect a device to the Illinois wireless network, as well as statistics about the progress of the project.

Visit Connect Illinois to learn the latest about the Wireless Expansion and Upgrade Project.