Resource Guide for New and Returning Students

Welcome to the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign!

We’ve put together some resources you need to succeed. Be sure to take advantage of the deals you get by being a registered student.

Problems or questions? Contact the Technology Services Help Desk at 217.244.7000 or email


New & Returning Students

Tell us where to send your University of Illinois email. Then access your university email through the account you specified. We recommend forwarding to your Google Apps @ Illinois account. Choose your email forwarding.

If you forget your password or need to change it, use our online Password Manager. Go to Password Manager.

You can connect to the campus network through ethernet in your room or use the wireless across campus. 

In most cases, students should connect to IllinoisNet to get access to the campus wireless network. Learn more about campus wireless networks.

This year, we have new wireless networks to help you connect to wireless. If you have never connected to IllinoisNet before, laptops, tablets, and phones can use the new IllinoisNet_Start network to help get properly configured. After successfully completing the configuration process, you will be able to connect immediately to IllinoisNet anywhere across campus, and you will no longer have to use IllinoisNet_Start. Learn more about IllinoisNet_Start.

Gaming consoles and streaming devices (Roku, Chromecast, etc) need to be registered before they can connect to the campus wireless via the IllinoisNet_Devices network. Register your gaming and streaming devices.

Online classes
Illinois Compass 2g is the online course system at the University of Illinois. On average, over 90% of students each semester take at least one course online that uses Illinois Compass 2g. You can click here to learn more about Compass, or you can go directly to the Illinois Compass 2g login page.

Learn how to use technology like a pro. Get in-person training on how to use classroom technology or popular software like Lync, Microsoft Office, and Adobe products. Log in for free to and explore over 400,000 video tutorials on everything from public speaking to Photoshop. Get training.

Sign up for Illini-Alert to get text messages about campus emergencies. Go to Illini-Alert.

Get free antivirus software from our WebStore. Go to WebStore

Register your device with us. If it gets lost or stolen, we’ll help you find it right away. Register your device

Cloud storage and collaboration
Use U of I Box to securely store and edit files in real time. Each student gets a free 50GB account. Go to U of I Box.

If you need Word, Excel, or Power Point, you can get Microsoft Office 365 completely free from our WebStore. Over 350 software titles are available, all either free or sharply discounted. Just log in and start saving. Go to WebStore.

Bring a laptop or other device, or use the computers in your residence hall, the Illini Union Computer Lab and Study Space, or in one of our labs. You can click here to learn more about the Computer Lab and Study Space, or you can find a lab.

Your department may require your computer to have a certain amount of memory or run a particular operating system. Check out computer requirements by college.

The helpful folks at the Illini Union Tech Zone can also help you get a new computer with a student discount. Pick up flashdrives, power adapters, disc drives, computer locks, and warranties there, too. The Tech Zone is located in the Illini Union, next to the Quad Shop. Go to Illini Union Tech Zone.