Custom Group Training Through FAST3: How One Team Benefitted

Like many units on campus, Facilities and Services (F&S) encompasses several teams that must work together to accomplish their goals. These groups share resources, equipment, technology, and schedules. F&S recognized the need to improve their project management. Once they identified that the software tool MS Project could help, they sought help in training their employees to use it.  

Through FAST3’s custom group training, members of several departments such as maintenance, construction services, and engineering design were brought together to learn how to better use MS Project, a software program that could streamline their work efforts.

During the initial workshops, Advanced Microsoft Trainer, Phil Nyman, gave everyone involved a better overall understanding of MS Project, its customizable features, where information could be shared, and exposed them to advanced features they might eventually need.

In addition to a scheduled workshop, Phil followed up a number of times on a consultant basis, walking them through the implementation process

“This training was great and very useful. Phil did an excellent job and has continued to be a resource for us. I would recommend this training to anyone,” said David Dowler, Associate Director of Engineering and Construction.

Dowler said his team already is realizing benefits in day-to-day operations. The process has brought to light where there are conflicts in work flow or scheduling and has helped them to start resolving these issues. As a result, they have needed to process fewer change orders and are spending less time waiting on resources. Providing shop foremen with a schedule has allowed them to be proactive instead of reactive to project needs. Completing MS Project training has helped F&S staff to understand and speak in terms that are common in the project management world, which aids in getting everyone on the same page quickly.

FAST3 routinely offers a variety of courses on both Adobe and Microsoft products. They can also create custom group training courses to meet your department’s needs, such as the training provided to F&S for MS Project software. For more information about how FAST3 can help your department, contact or call 217-333-6285.