Tech Services staff assist Vet Med with installation of new linear accelerator for cancer research

The College of Veterinary Medicine (Vet Med) recently installed a state-of-the-art Varian TrueBeam® linear accelerator, used by radiation oncologists in cancer treatment and research. It is a level of technology found in only a few of the veterinary schools in all of North America. 

The treatment planning and operation of equipment required significant computing power, servers, networking, and security considerations. The IT team at Vet Med knew that this project would require a cross-functional team to pull together all of the pieces to bring in this new technology. Staff from Technology Services contributed to setting up the infrastructure. Geoff Mukenhirn, Tony Schutz, Tim Wylder, Brad McDuffie, and Tom Grissom were all a part of the team responsible for making this project a success. 

Jeff Fox, CIO and Process Improvement Coordinator at Vet Med, said, “...the project would not have been a success without the knowledge and support of the Technology Services staff. They helped us hurdle the inevitable challenges and were true collaborators throughout. They are professionals that really know their work...anticipating and solving problems proactively for our team. I appreciate what they do every day, but they have really made a lasting impact with this effort.”

The dedication event on June 10, 2019 was a great success and celebrated everyone who was involved in the project. Congratulations to the team!

7 people standing in front of linear accelerator and smiling

*Pictured above: Tim Wylder, Geoff Mukenhirn, Tony Schultz, Craig Flowers, Beth Scheid, Jeff Fox, Daniel Lewart


The white Varian TrueBeam accelerator set up in it's white room

*The Varian TrueBeam® linear accelerator ready for work!


floor plans for the linear accelerator

*Floor plans for the linear accelerator


*Photos courtesy of the College of Veterinary Medicine