December 19 - Spam Digest and Email Quarantine Changes

On December 19, Technology Services will be making back-end email changes that will affect how you receive and view quarantined email and spam digests.

Faculty, staff, and students should not see any impact on sending and receiving emails.

Email Quarantine and Spam Digest Changes

  • Beginning December 19, everyone can access a new web interface for all digest and spam policy options at
    • You will no longer need a link from a digest. Instead, you will log in with your NetID and password.
  • On December 19, you will receive two spam digests:
    • One will provide access to a full digest from the previous ten days. This will be the only way to access previously quarantined messages.
    • The other will come from the new system ( All future spam digests will come from this address.
  • There are no changes to quarantine behavior. Spam messages will continue to be held for ten days and then automatically deleted.

Along with the migration, there will be a simplified rewrite domain for URL defense. The information in this Knowledgebase article will be updated before the migration: