217 Area Code Dialing Changes Beginning February 27

A new area code will soon be introduced in Central Illinois.  The new area code of 447 will overlay the existing 217 area code which covers 36 counties and includes Champaign, Urbana, Decatur, Springfield, Danville, Quincy, and Rantoul.

Beginning Saturday, February 27, phone services will require you to use ten-digit dialing (area code + seven-digit number) for the 217 area code.

This change will NOT be required for University Skype for Business accounts or any campus life safety services. Both seven-digit and ten-digit dialing will work for 217 numbers within Skype for Business.

Skype for Business

Dialing any 447 area code numbers will require ten-digit dialing as with any other area code. Technology Services does not have any plans to acquire any 447 numbers for University use.

Campus Centrex Phones

Campus Centrex users must continue to dial “9” for any call to a non-campus Centrex number and will also be required to dial the full ten digits for 217 area code numbers.  The dialing sequence for a non-campus Centrex number would be 9-217-XXX-XXXX. 

Please check and update any preprogrammed speed dials (multiline sets, fax machines) and any call forwarding to ensure that they are dialing ten-digit 217 area code numbers. Calls to any of the new 447 area code numbers will require “9” plus ten-digit dialing. 

Any Centrex customers with dialing issues should contact Technology Services at consult@illinois.edu for assistance.

Campus RightFax Services

Campus RightFax services already requires ten-digit dialing for all calls.  No impact is expected with this change.   

Emergency Phones

Emergency Phones – including kiosk phones, elevator phones, and areas of refuge – will not be impacted.

Personal Phone Services

You may also want to check personal phone services and devices, including cell phones, to make sure they are programmed for ten-digit dialing for the 217 area code. Examples may include stored telephone numbers/contacts in cell phones, fax machines, monitoring devices, alarm and security systems, speed dialers, call forwarding settings, and voicemail services.

Please check with your carrier or service provider for the most accurate information on how these changes will affect you.