Build a website with the new University WordPress theme

preview image for official university wordpress theme

An official University WordPress theme is now available in (PIE) and cPanel Web Hosting services. Apply the "University of Illinois 2020" theme and start building your website today!

Where to start?

Both options are free and available to all University faculty, staff, and students. You can also collaborate with partners outside of the University.

Get your website up in minutes with

Build a website through cPanel for more customization

The simplest web hosting option on campus is a WordPress network called (PIE). This hosting solution helps you build a fully managed WordPress site with an appropriately branded design out of the box so you can put your time into the content rather than the design.

PIE sites are kept up-to-date with the latest security patches and features.

Visit the link to learn more and request a PIE site.

For more customization on your site, including non-standard functionality or design adjustments, use cPanel. cPanel supports WordPress as well as other established content management systems (Drupal, Omeka, etc.).

You may need additional technical support depending on the changes you want to make.

Visit the link to learn more about cPanel features, find documentation, and create an account.