July 9 - Zoom Settings Changes

Technology Services will make the following Zoom settings changes on July 9 at 7:30 a.m. to increase security and usability. You can also find a list of these changes and past events on the Zoom Changelog.

Rename Meeting Authentication Options

The following are name changes only. Functionality for each will remain the same.

  • "Sign into Zoom.us" will be renamed to "Sign in to Zoom.us".
  • "Illinois email accounts" will be renamed to "Sign in with Illinois NetID and password".
  • Your authentication options will not change if you manually renamed them. However, there is a link to reset to default option names (shown below).

meeting authentication options highlighted

Persistent chat message retention time

Beginning July 9, any persistent chat you save to the cloud will change from being retained for 2 years to 6 months.

Adding Pronouns in your Zoom profile

  • A new field will be available in your Zoom Profile to set Pronouns.
  • If pronouns are entered, there will be a prompt asking if you want to share Pronouns upon joining each meeting (shown below).
  • Visit the Zoom website for more information about adding and sharing your Pronouns.

prompt to share Pronouns during a Zoom meeting

Settings turned on by default

The settings below are not locked and can be changed by a meeting creator to meet any specific needs by visiting: illinois.zoom.us/profile/setting

Only the person sharing their screen can annotate

annotation setting highlighted

Guests will now be labeled during meetings and webinars

  • In the participants list, any guests will now have "(Guest)" added to their display name.

Immersive View

immersive view settingExample of multiple video participants on a single background

Meeting participants can use non-verbal feedback

non-verbal feedback highlighted