New U of I Box User Interface Launching April 13

On Tuesday, April 13, Technology Services will enable a new user interface (UI) for U of I Box. Customers do not need to take any action to view or use the new UI. It will be visible when customers log in to the service.

What’s Changing

A New UI

The new web UI is a rich -- yet simplified -- experience enabling you to effortlessly organize, access, and work with your most important content. The new interface will provide the ability to easily navigate to content with a clear, simple experience that is personalized to the way you prefer to work. Read the U of I Box New User Interface FAQ for more information.

Box has created a four-minute video walkthrough of the new interface and provided an explanation of Box Collections.


Box Collections enables you to create and name private collections of content in your U of I Box account, where you can organize files and folders that you own or share.  And although the content may be shared, your collections are not shared and are visible only to you.

Using Box Collections you can

  • intuitively organize your Box content into logical groupings of your choice,

  • name these groupings to provide clear and meaningful context, and

  • quickly find the content you need right now.


create a collection

Create a collection

add to collection

Add to collection

new sidebar

New sidebar

options in dropdown

File options