Troubleshooting Zoom: Solving Some Common Issues


By Samantha Ruiz, Political Science and Communication Class of ‘22

We know these semesters haven’t been easy. We have completely switched up how we learn and that’s not an easy thing to do. Although we’ve been doing it for a while, Zoom can still be hard to navigate. With spotty internet connection, trouble logging in, and other issues that can come from online learning, this can be overwhelming. Here are some resources at the university that can help solve some issues you may be experiencing!


  1. Signing In

For the Spring 2021 semester, students will use Zoom’s Single Sign On feature (SSO). This allows students to sign in with their NetID and password, making getting into Zoom meetings faster and easier. Check out Zoom Sign In Requirements to learn more!


  1. Zoom Security

Occassional Zoom bombings, (when an uninvited guest gains access to a meeting and is disruptive), have affected the safety and quality of our virtual spaces. While our amazing team has worked hard to improve security and decrease the problems that come with Zoom bombings, there are still steps you can take for a more secure Zoom meeting experience. To learn about ways to keep your meeting secure, visit our Zoom Security page!


  1. Hosting An Event