Contact Security

Contact Security
What's The Issue Whom To Contact Contact Method
Compromised account, lost password, virus/malware Tech Services Help Desk 217-244-7000
Stolen laptops, tablets, phones on campus University Police Department 217-333-1216
Spam, phishing, email abuse - Illinois email account Security
Spam, phishing, email abuse - personal email account Anti-Phishing Working Group
Physical threats, illegal activities Police Department 911







Talk To A Person

The Technology Services Help Desk can help with a variety of security-related topics, including resetting your password, removing malware from your computer, and basic security precautions you can take to protect yourself.

The Help Desk can be reached by phone (217) 244-7000 or by email ( during their business hours:

Change Your Password

If you can’t remember your password or want to change it for security reasons, click here:

Get Rid Of Viruses

Clean up your computer before you get blocked from the network! We provide several free anti-virus programs.

Click here to learn how to remove viruses:

Report A Problem

Have you been hacked? Have too much spam piling up? Got a phishy email? Report it!

Need more?

We maintain a series of articles that walk you through how to solve most security-related problems: