University Data Survey

Completing the Data Survey

Technology Services requests that ALL faculty, researchers, and staff complete the End-User Self-Reporting survey.

Steps to complete the survey:

  1. Follow the link ( to access the log in page.
  2. The link will take you to the OneTrust website. Rest assured that Technology Services has vetted this vendor and it IS ok to enter your university email address.
  3. After entering your email address (if you have an address, please use your @illinois address instead), you will authenticate with your NetID and password. Your NetID and password will not be passed to a third party.
  4. Once authenticated, you will see a page as shown in the image below (click for full resolution).

A walk-through of the process can be seen in this video

Access the video directly on Media Space.

What is the Data Survey?

The Data Survey is the first step in identifying and protecting the data at Illinois. Every employee at the University accesses and utilizes data, thus the participation of every employee is paramount to the successful securing of data. The information gathered from this survey will inform future steps in implementing the University's security program, Illini Secure.

Why a Data Survey?

The University of Illinois is committed to data privacy and information security. Last year, the Illini Secure program was created.  This effort resulted in an updated Information Security Policy, a collection of IT Security Standards, an updated data classification scheme, and a new process to implement and assess IT security measures. 

For Security to be successful in protecting your data, we need to better understand how this data is used and where it resides.  This will allow us to allocate appropriate resources and security controls to protect the data relative to the risks it imposes. In order to ascertain this information, we are asking individuals to complete the End-User Self-Reporting Survey.

Data Classification Overview

To help you better understand the relevance of the survey, we strongly encourage you to read the Data Classification Overview and view the videos on the Cybersecurity website.