cPanel Web Hosting Service

cPanel Web Hosting Service

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Why to use this service

cPanel offers you a wide variety of web applications, many of which are easily created and maintained through a web-based interface.

Hosting your website at offers more flexibility and power than, while also offering automatic updates with less complexity than direct hosting on AWS or Azure.

By using cPanel's one-click installers for WordPress, Drupal, jQuery, PHP, Ruby, and more, your web software will be easy to install and configure, and the cPanel-managed software will be automatically patched and updated for you, reducing security and maintenance concerns.

If you need additional custom software, you can also install your own via SSH / SFTP; however, you'll need to ensure patching and maintenance of your custom software.


  • One click installers for popular website content managers
  • Simple one page website builder
  • Custom software installations are allowed
  • Python, Ruby, PHP, jQuery, and other development environment options
  • MySQL database access

Getting and using this service

Who can use this service

Undergraduate students
Graduate/Professional Students

How to get this service

Request an account at


No charge

How to use this service

Website owners can log in to manage their sites either through a web interface or through SSH/SFTP. Owners can also place Shibboleth authentication in front of their web content for access control.

Quotas and usage restrictions

1GB disk quotas. (More space can be requested, and large files can be stored elsewhere and linked to from websites.)

Because this is a shared service, there are some restrictions on memory usage, number of simultaneous system processes, and number of database connections.

Sensitive data considerations

The service is not approved for FERPA or HIPAA data. Technology Services does not monitor the service for compliance.

Hours and support

Standard service hours


Scheduled maintenance hours

5am-7am Fridays.

This time is reserved for maintenance but will not be used most weeks.

Staffed support hours

8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday

How to report issues

Contact the Technology Services Help Desk by email ( or by phone (217-244-7000)