To Copy Content in Illinois Compass 2g or Not

When requesting a course space to be created on Illinois Compass 2g, you will be asked if you want to move content from your old Compass 2g space to your new Illinois Compass 2g space. Here are some advantages and disadvantages to copying material:


  • All of your content will be moved to your new space.
  • An error report will help you locate areas that need correction.
  • Technology Services staff will offer training to assist new users in working with their copied content in Illinois Compass 2g spaces.


  • Your new course space will be a exact carbon copy of the old one from a previous semester, so you'll have to do at least some editing. If you're going to do any re-arranging, replacing readings, adding new content, etc, it might be more work than starting fresh.

Consider Starting Fresh!

  • Requesting a fresh space lets you build your new course exactly as you want it.
  • It is easy to go back to your old Compass 2g space, export to your computer all of the files you want and then upload them into your new space.
  • Quizzes and test question pools can be move from your old Compass 2g space and imported into a new Illinois Compass 2g space using Respondus, a free software application available through the WebStore.
  • Technology Services staff offer a variety of training workshops to help you learn to use Illinois Compass 2g quickly and easily.