Illinois Compass 2G

Illinois Compass 2G

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Compass2g, Compass, Blackboard Learn

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Why to use this service

Compass is the Enterprise Learning Management System for the Urbana campus. Compass provides an online learning environment for students. It also provides organizational spaces and storage to allow various organizations, groups and units across campus to collaborate and host basic online web spaces. Our environment allows students/staff/faculty mobile access to their spaces on Compass which includes the ability to check grades, turn in assignments, communicate with peers and download documents from their storage space.  

93% of students on the Urbana campus have at least one course on the Compass system.  In Fall 2013, 70% of all courses taught on campus were also hosted either as a blended learning environment or totally online environment.


  • Simple, Adaptive Content Creation
    • Create your own content
    • Incorporate existing material
    • Import content from another course
    • Utilize material from an integrated vendor
    • Rules-based content release and delivery
    • Create development and non-academic spaces
  • Mobile Learning Experience
    • Bb Student App
    • Bb Grader
  • Active Collaboration and Communications
    • Wikis
    • Blogs
    • Discussions
    • Journals
    • Blackboard Collaborate Ultra
    • Real-time Alerts and Notifications
    • Course and System Announcements
  • Analytics and Reporting
    • Rubrics
    • Retention Center
    • Statistics Tracking
    • Grade Center
    • Test item analysis
  • Course customization
    • Themes and structures
    • Static/dynamic groups
    • Instructor-defined start/end dates
  • Digital Assessments
    • Tests
    • Polling
    • Surveys
  • External Integrations
    • Cengage
    • Flickr
    • i>Clicker
    • Kaltura (Illinois Mediaspace)
    • McGraw-Hill Connect
    • Pearson
    • Slideshare
    • Wiley Plus
    • YouTube

Getting and using this service

Who can use this service

Undergraduate students
Graduate/Professional Students

How to get this service

All students, staff, and faculty have access to the Compass environment. It can be accessed by going to and logging in using your NetID and password. Faculty, staff, grad students, and teaching assistants can request hosted spaces via the Space Request Application at


No Charge

How to use this service

Can be accessed via web browser at or Blackboard Mobile device application from anywhere in the world.

Quotas and usage restrictions

Students have 1GB storage space with with 1GB package upload limits. Only files or packages of 1GB or less can be uploaded at one time.

Sensitive data considerations

FERPA compliant

Hours and support

Standard service hours


Scheduled maintenance hours

4:00 am to 8:00 am every Wednesday Morning.  Once a year we do a major upgrade during the summer months. 

Staffed support hours

8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday

How to report issues

Contact the Technology Services Help Desk at 217-244-7000 or by email