Features of an Illinois Compass 2g Course Space

The following PDF contains an overview to the features contained within a standard course site: Blackboard Learn 9.1 - Getting Started with the Course Environment.

Standard course features in Illinois Compass 2g include:

Control Panel: The area for managing the content, features, users, and appearance of a course. The Control Panel provides access to all the course-building tools. You can expand and collapse items in the Control Panel by clicking any of the menu buttons.

Files: The Files area is a course's document repository that can be used to keep and organize course-related files. You can upload a file once and reuse it in multiple areas of the course.

Course Tools: Tools for communication, collaboration, assessments, etc. in a course.

Evaluation: Provide tools for tracking user performance and activity.

Grade Center: The Grade Center area provides access to the full Grade Center page. This area was known as the Grade Book in Illinois Compass.

Users and Groups: Tools to search students enrolled in the course and organize students into groups.

Customization: Access to customize the course properties such as course availability, tool availability, and course appearance.

Packages and Utilities: Allows instructors to copy a course, import, export, and archive features for a course.

Help: Provides access to the Blackboard Learn Guide and On Demand Learning Center.