Getting Started with Illinois Compass 2g

Technology Services is here to help instructors and students effectively use Illinois Comapss 2g in their courses. Many of the topics below contain links to other web pages with more detailed explanations. Links with the book icon next to them will take you to step-by-step instructions in our Knowledge Base .

Getting Started with Illinois Compass 2g Topics

The Basics

Requesting a Course Space

In addition to Registrar-affiliated spaces, you can request Development, Training, Collaboration, and Non-Registrar-Affiliated spaces providing new ways to use Illinois Compass 2g.

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Managing Course Access

Illinois Compass 2g space owners assume the responsibility of adding teaching assistants and other guests into their course spaces.

Registrar-affiliated courses will automatically load student rosters daily throughout the term; students who are unenrolled are not automatically removed from the roster, but the course is made unavailable for these students.

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Developing Your Course

Illinois Compass 2g allows you to easily customize your course menu and organize your course contents using any format or structure you prefer. Use the links below to explore the available options and features of Illinois Compass 2g as you consider how to best present your course content.

Understanding the interface

Customizing your course menu

Sorting your Grade Center

Organizing your files in the content collection

Making content available to students

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Communication and Collaboration

Learning is a social process that involves communication and collaboration between classmates, peers, and instructors. Enhance your students' learning using the communication and collaboration tools available in Illinois Compass 2g.

Keeping students informed

Discussions, blogs, and journals

Working with groups

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Assessing Student Work

Grading student work

Creating assignments

Creating and managing exams and quizzes

Detecting plagiarism with SafeAssign

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Adding Interactivity and Multimedia

Interactivity in the classroom

Streaming media

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Learn More

Contact the Technology Services Help Desk to schedule an individual or group consulation and let us help make teaching with Illinois Compass 2g even easier.

LinkedIn Learning provides more than 6 hours of online video tutorials focusing on Blackboard Learn 9.1. Urbana/Champaign campus faculty, students and staff visit - and search for "Blackboard" for access to these informative videos.

For further information about Illinois Compass 2g from the company providing the platform on which Illinois Compass 2g is built, consult the Help documentation at Blackboard Library or their OnDemand Learning Center.

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