SSL Certificate Request

Important Information

Beginning August 19, 2020, our vendor and SSL Certificate Authority, Sectigo will no longer offer two-year public certificates. For more information about this change, please visit the Sectigo website.

SSL Certificate Issuance requests and Sectigo (Comodo CA) support operates during working hours on a 5x8 basis, M-F, excluding holidays. Requests will be picked up by staff within one business day of submission. Responses can be expected within 3 business days.

For more information on this offering and SSL certificate generation options, please see the Knowledgebase

*NEW* Looking for self-service issuance? Try a commodity SSL certificate issuer like Let's Encrypt! See for details.

Steps Required

Use this form to request an SSL certificate (new, renewal or reissue).

Please note: As of Monday March 16, 2009 Technology ServicesĀ is only accepting certificate requests with a minimum key size of 2048 bits. We are no longer issuing new certificates, but renewals for FQDN's will still be processed

SSL Certificate Request Form

Certificates are only available for a 1 year duration.

Domains should be fully qualified and comma separated. Do not include the original certificate FQDN.
For your long-term contact, Certificate Manager strongly recommends using a service or role account. Use of individual NetID email is discouraged due to risks associated with role or job turnover affecting certificate communications or validation from our vendor, Sectigo. (eg: use "", not "")
CSRs ONLY - Do NOT submit your private key!! (How do I generate this?)