Technology Services: Connecting People with Technology to Succeed 

Anyone who sets foot on the University of Illinois campus is immediately floored by its sheer size: its multiple quads, endless clusters of buildings and classrooms, the maze of an MTD bus schedule (Champaign-Urbana mass transit that also serves the university)—not to mention the numerous towering apartment buildings going up every year. With a university so big, it can be easy to get lost in the shuffle—physically, as you’re maneuvering from building to building, but digitally, too. The university runs on technology and its hundreds of services accessed online.   

Fortunately, the university has Technology Services, dedicated to offering campus-wide technology help—ensuring every person who sets foot onto the university (students, faculty, staff, visitors) gets connected to the help they need.  

What is Technology Services?  

Under the Office of the Chief Information Officer (CIO), Technology Services is the central IT organization responsible for managing campus-wide technology and network operations. As such, Tech Services offers technology help to anybody who requests it. Campus-wide, it helps requestors with anything related to computing, networking, online communications, instructional technology, learning management systems, and more.  

Technology Services offers customer support through the Technology Services website, where you can access resources, search self-help articles, or contact the Tech Services help desk. 

What services do we provide?  

Technology Services provides a wide net of services that assist with campus essentials for academic and research success, campus privacy and cybersecurity, and life safety. Some examples of popular services provided by Technology Services include the following:   

  • Two-Factor Authentication(2FA)/Passwords 
  • Canvas (Learning Management System)  
  • IllinoisNet (Campus Wi-Fi)  
  • Illinois Email 
  • Illinois Mobile App  
  • Mass communications (i.e. Illini-alert)  
  • Cloud-based services: Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, etc.  
  • Collaboration services: U of I Box, Microsoft 365, Cloud Dashboard, etc.  
  • Zoom  

You can find a more comprehensive, detailed list of services in our Service Catalog 

How do I get help?  

Ask away! The Tech Services help desk will answer your questions or get them into the hands of those who can.    

Read more about Technology Services and contact the help desk at