Our Wireless Networks

There are several wireless networks on the campus of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. This page will explain the differences between our various wireless networks. 

In general, students, faculty, and staff should connect to IllinoisNet when on campus.

IllinoisNet is the primary wireless network on campus. It is a WPA2 secure wireless network that will allow you to access online campus resources. In most cases, once you properly configure your laptop, tablet, or phone to connect to IllinoisNet, you will be able to automatically connect to IllinoisNet anywhere on campus without having to log in again.  

IlinoisNet_Guest serves several purposes: configuring a device to connect to IllinoisNet, establishing guest access to the University of Illinois WiFi network

Establishing guest access to the University of Illinois WiFi network
If you do not have a University of Illinois NetID and password, you can use the IllinoisNet_Guest password to get temporary guest access to WiFi on campus. Instructions for Guest and Visitor Access can be found on the KnowledgeBase.

Connecting a streaming or gaming device
If you are trying to connect a game console (Xbox, Playstation, Wii), streaming device (Roku, Chromecast, etc), or wearable networked devices to the campus network, you will connect it to IllinoisNet_Guest. First, you must register your device. Instructions for registering your device can be found on the KnowledgeBase.

Configuring a Device to connect to IllinoisNet
For most people trying to connect to IllinoisNet, they will simply need to enter their NetID and password when prompted. However, if you experience problems connecting to IllinoisNet, you can use IllinoisNet_Guest to help properly configure your phone, laptop, or tablet to connect to IllinoisNet. Instructions for using IllinoisNet_Guest to set up IlllinoisNet can be found on the KnowledgeBase.

Eduroam is a wireless network found at educational institutions around the world. Students, faculty, and staff from the University of Illinois do not need to connect to Eduroam while on the Urbana campus. However, if you are visiting the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and you have an Eduroam account, you can use your Eduroam credentials to get connected here in Urbana. Similarly, if someone from the University of Illinois travels to another university with Eduroam, they can use their Illinois credentials to log into that campus's Eduroam network.