Top Six Things to Know about the Compass to Canvas Transfer

With a lot of changes coming to the university this semester, including the return to in-person classes, there are bound to be a lot of questions. One important change is that many classes will be switching from using Illinois Compass 2g to Canvas. Here, we’ve compiled a list of the essential Compass functions for undergrads, and let you know where to find that information on Canvas! 

Q: What’s Replacing Announcements?

A: Nothing!

screenshot of canvas interface

No worries here! Announcements are still Announcements over on Canvas. However, if your professor or TA allows it, students have the opportunity to comment replies to the announcement. For more info on what they are and how to use them, check out how to view Announcements and how to reply to announcements.

Q:What’s Happening to Assessments? 

A: They’re Assignments!

screenshot of canvas interface

Canvas says “Goodbye Assessments, Hello Assignments!” Unlike Compass, Assignments in Canvas are automatically added to the Syllabus page, the Assignment Page, and the due date is added to the Calendar. For more info on what they are, check out the assignments overview video. Check out the assignments submissions video for more on how to submit assignments.

Q:Where are the Discussion Boards?

A: They’re Discussions!

screenshot of canvas interface

This one’s easier; Discussion Boards on Compass translate to a Discussions page on Canvas. There aren’t any major differences between the Compass and Canvas discussion boards. Proceed normally! If you’re looking for more information on how to find them, check out this article about discussions. To learn more about using discussions, check out this discussions overview video!

Q: What’s Happening to the Grade Center?

A: It’s turning into a Gradebook! 

screenshot of canvas interface

This difference isn’t drastic. The great thing about the Canvas Gradebook is that students can enter “What-if” grades to calculate hypothetical overall class grades. Super helpful during finals week! Here we can still see the name of the assignment, the due date, the score, and if the professor or TA left any comments. Learn more about how to use the Gradebook with this short video.

Q: Where will my teacher post Grading Rubrics?

A: Rubrics!

screenshot of canvas interface

No worries here either! There isn’t any noticeable difference between Rubrics on Compass and Rubrics on Canvas. If you’d like to get familiar with Rubrics and how they work on Canvas, check out how to view the rubric for an assignment.

Q: Where can I find Tests, Surveys, and Polls?

A:Check out Quizzes!

screenshot of canvas interface

Tests, surveys, and polls are now just Quizzes! This is where students will take tests, and fill out surveys. Here we can see the name of the quiz, the due date, how many points the quiz is worth, and how many questions it has. Super easy to navigate! Learn more by watching this overview video or by reading this article.

If you still have questions on what features on Compass equate to on Canvas, check out this super helpful chart! 

Finally, contact the UIUC Tech Help Center for all your tech questions!