New Commitments Application Support Materials Available

The Business IT Collaboration is happy to announce new support materials for the Commitments Application.

A commitment is any financial obligation your department makes to another entity—either internal or external to the University. Developed by the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Innovation, the Commitments Application acts as a tracking mechanism for these obligations and, in tandem with the OVCRI Transfers Application, can also transfer funds to fulfill said obligations.

The Commitments Application was originally created by the OVCRI team to assist in tracking financial commitments to ensure funds were properly distributed over time. This collaboration between the OVCRI and Business IT, highlights how work by a single unit can be leveraged, shared, expanded, and utilized by other units across the university.

The project includes new support materials such as frequently asked questions, best practices, how to access the tool, and a series of training videos. All of these materials are available on-demand through the Commitments Application page.

Using a sample commitment letter, which is available on the Commitments Application Video Tutorials page, the series demonstrates how to work from receipt of the commitment letter to the transfer of funds to the receiving unit. Staff may watch videos as a series or individually to help address specific questions.

The Commitments Application is available to any U of I college. Departments and units within a college may use the application if supported by the college. For information about how to gain access to the application, visit the Commitments Application Access page.

The Business IT Collaboration continues to look for similar opportunities to harness technology solutions to streamline business processes, improve efficiencies, enhance productivity, and deliver data by leveraging local talent and applications. If you would like to propose initiatives or projects, you are encouraged to submit a project proposal.