TeamDynamix Leadership Updates

Technology Services Senior Leadership is happy to announce that new Executive and Project Sponsors have been identified for the TeamDynamix (TDX) Initiative. In addition, they have identified a Product Owner for the TDX Service. TeamDynamix is the software behind help desk tickets and the UIUC Tech Help Center website across the University of Illinois System.

  • The Business IT Steering Committee will serve as the Executive Sponsor.
  • Gabe Gibson, who leads the Business IT Collaboration, will serve as the TDX Project Sponsor for the current project as well as projects moving forward.
  • Roberto Ortega (newly hired) will serve as the UIUC TDX Product Owner.

The current TeamDynamix project, which is focused on migrating IT units from SDM and RT ticketing services, will continue through June 2022. Tech Services and the Business IT Collaboration look forward, with renewed vigor, to furthering the expansion of TDX adoption across the university by working with business, facilities, HR, and other non-IT areas.

As Tech Services begins collaborating with non-IT units across the university, the perspective brought by business professionals is valued by the Business IT Collaboration team, and this input will help inform future decisions for the TDX Initiative. The Business IT Steering Committee and Gabe will provide a firm foundation to continue moving the TDX platform forward.

We are excited to have Gabe and the Steering Committee lead the current TDX project to build their knowledge and understanding of the tool to better advocate for its implementation with non-IT units. Please help me in thanking our new sponsors for stepping forward to lead this important initiative.

Roberto Ortega will serve as the TDX Product Owner for the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. Roberto is responsible for the UIUC instance of TDX, which includes the technician-side of the platform as well as the customer-facing UIUC Tech Help Center website.

Ahsan Alvi continues as the Project Manager for the TDX initiative.