Box Canvas, Newly Available on U of I Box

All students, faculty and staff at Illinois get free U of I Box cloud storage. We’re excited to announce Box Canvas, a new feature being released today. 

What does this mean for me?

Box Canvas enables you to create visual whiteboards as a creative and flexible way to collaborate with anyone, in real-time or asynchronously. You can use it to visualize your latest project, create mind maps, host engaging, interactive trainings and workshops, or write down all your creative ideas and easily share them.

With Box Canvas, you can:

  • Create unlimited whiteboards
  • Securely share your Canvases with anyone, anywhere
  • Work with others simultaneously or asynchronously
  • Add various objects to your Canvas:
    • Sticky notes – Use them to brainstorm and vote for your favorite ideas with your team
    • Shapes – Add various shapes to your Canvas to map out a process flow or create diagrams
    • Text input – Add and move text anywhere on your Canvas
    • Connectors – Use them to connect ideas, or combine them with shapes to map out flows
    • Pen drawing – Use it to free-form draw or scribble your thoughts onto Canvas
  • Upload images – Upload png, jpg, jpeg, and bmp images to bring your Canvas to life
  • Use templates – Use one of the pre-made templates to get started faster on Canvas.

For more information about getting started with Box Canvas, please view this Box support page.